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1. Big Crash

Yeah I should’ve pay attention for the sign; And I should jumped when I got a big time; Breaking out my bones like some paper and an ink; Then I can’t remember much of how I came in; Oh I can’t rememb...

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2. Five Rides

The five rides were hiding on the shelf; They want you to believe that all the story is on hold; But listen hard I’ll tell from the start; They’re gonna make it better and your life will be all right,...

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3. Four Letter Word

So why you waited so long? To turn the page and open up your heart; So why are you waiting so long? It's all about; Living the moment and enjoying it; Believin' in your heart is the key; Am I a liar? ...

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4. Guacamole

I know that you always ask for much; But I know you’re scared; Cause every time we talk about it; So sad the people like that; Control body effect; For all the things you said you’ll become; Every tim...

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5. Maka's Song

Right now, this headache are consuming me; A long time that I probably will need; And all those things I let away; Just sitting on the bed with this broken pen; with this broken pen; Whoa; Increase my...

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