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1. Don't Run For Dyin'

Some people dying; Blood on my hands; Just living crying; I don't understand; Maybe tomorrow; I might see the truth; Night full of strangers; And you're a mortal fool; Don't run for dying; I won't fig...

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2. Face Your Fears And Live Your Dreams

It's the time to reach for power; But the light's so far away; If you want to get to heaven; Her's the chance again; Time is passing, passing by; But your eyes can see the way; Run to your paradise; M...

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3. Into The Night

Wasting the tears; Wasting the time; We're so far away; But we're partners in crimes; Yes, my brother; You will be alone; You'll be king of metal; A nightmare song; Save my people; Wher do they belong...

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4. Master Of Illusions

Back to the darkness; Now my depression is real; No more conclusions; Fear i do not feel; Back to the illusion; I wanna see the light; My mind need freedom; The years go on tonight; Run with the madne...

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5. Merlin's Apprentice

Power of creation; Ruller of perfection; Wizard of all nations; Heart and soul you claim; Screaming in the madness; You make it go away; I'm dreaming with the sadness; You break a mellow day; You're w...

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6. Metalize

When you see your life needs some more changes; You’ve been walkin on circles getting anywhere; Feeling something’s missin’; Just like a bird without its wings; There’s nothing new for them to say, ; ...

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7. Revolution

No more time for fire; No more time for pain; Revolution's power; Revolution is my name; Who's the man of future? Who's the man of pain? Who's the fucking killer? Revolution is your name; Fight for fr...

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8. The Frontier

The lights are fading out; I can hear the screams; Black nights, dark roads; There is no chance to dream; I can’t stand what I see and I know the end is getting closer; I’ve got to leave this place be...

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9. The Last Way

I've seen the mistake; I can't find my mind; Looking to the sky; No more time for faith; Looking at the window; With the eyes of a blind; Trying to find a reason; A reason to my life; Another chance f...

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10. XvIII

This is the time; You want your freedom; You want to fly; Fly for no reason; Watch out my friend; Look at your side; You need to play; The game of the life; Don't let your life; Be divided; Before and...

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