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1. A Simple Truth

Can't you see this is all I've known, don't fear for me I will reap what I have sewn; I will succeed no matter what it takes; I know you'll always care for me, but I'll leave eventually; you will alwa...

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2. Best Friends For Never

If you have a problem with me then speak up and say it to my face; there would be nothing that would please me more than to put you in your place; you two-faced bastard when will you see you're fallin...

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3. Condescendence

You think you know everything; but take a look at my face; does it seem like I give a fuck what you think of me? just walk away like you do with everything; I'll do this on my own, I will not stand fo...

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4. D.I.Y

If you think I have it that easy then you must be so naive; I cannot carry all your weight on my shoulders; Hold your head up high and stop playing the victim; There's nothing you can do except to giv...

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5. Just For The Record

Is this how you're going to repay me? you cannot change what's been said and done; so just hold your tongue and I'll hold my grudge; your dead to me but you haunt my past; I gave you a life but I can ...

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6. Promises

There's not a single day that this pain hasn't washed over me; I wonder if it will ever fade but I don't think it ever will; good bye old friend you died with my innocence; there's nothing you could d...

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7. #Sinning

When did I start to slip away? I'm the monster you created; this is not what I want to be I will tell you just what I need; I need somone's help to get back on my feet; I'm no better than a beast but ...

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8. The Dark Half

There is something that you're always running from; But you can't run from me; I am your conscience speaking and this is; What I see... I see the fear in your eyes; As you run and hide; Your body's go...

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