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1. Addiction

Inject the black into your veins. Addiction, ignorance, all the same. I have seen the monster you have become. I have seen the path left behind. ; Lying in the gutter with nothing left. The gun's down...

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2. Cold Lungs

Finding light at the end of the tunnel. Finding hope in pits of despair. But I am blinded. But I am not one to be found. ; I am not one to be found. ; There is nothing to find. Just another broken hom...

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3. Meatshield

Nothing's left it's all a fucking lie. To think gold would fucking rain from the sky. I hope heaven is a better place, Because I've ended this shit with haste. Earth is never to be repeated again. I'm...

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4. Place Of Fear

I was nothing. I could not live another day, in this world, Full of lies and greed. Greed. ; This world is doomed. ; I can't believe you're here again. With nothing more then a shred of hope. I will d...

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5. Wasteland

All I see is the worm of this world. All I smell is the stench of your lies. All I feel is the pull of your regret. And the grip of all your hate. ; Your greed knows no bounds, I will rise above it. ;...

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