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1. 2u 4u Fuck You

Old friends become cold friends; That pain stops, life begins to mend the wound; In my mind I knew I would always heal; I rose today & looked deep into my heart & soul, & I know exactly whats real; So...

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2. Abort Us

Did we offend you, good don't understand it good; Did we upset your way of thinking like we knew it would; Your mind can't cope with this thin skin in deep it sinks; Offending breeding fear confused o...

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3. All That Was

Through this open window feeds my lifes end; No chance now, given up, these wounds, they won't mend; Reality here too much to deal with; Lost all that was worth feeling; So I took God into my hands & ...

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4. Devil I'll Be

What started this lie; Confront the visions; That eat away at your insides; No focus just haze; Elude reality born from your minds eye; your consciousness implies the right; To justify your faceless p...

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5. Dollar Sign Smile

I've seen through your dollar sign smile; Exploitation of weaker times grieving suffering not mild; Cash flow the only thing on your mind; Behind your desk hands together rubbing; Your mind drifting f...

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6. God Vision

Must be a dull existance; Change channels your condition; To fill the empty mind T.V. is your lifeline; Take in what you see; Believe all that you read; The afternoon edition; Enhancing your condition...

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7. Judge Me Not

Don't you loive your life through me anymore; Look ahead at your own, and tell me what's in store; Judgemental you point your finger; you point your bone; Opinionate, your views of life are not my own...

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8. Process Of Elimination

Dozens have fallen but there's still many to go; And one by one I know your colours will show; They're shining straight through your transparent exteriors; It's time to weed out these unwanted inferio...

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9. Re - Pray

Intro:"Kind yet fucking stupid; & ignorant words from a prominant & corrupt Reverend, here in Australia. God love him, 'cause no-one else does."; The fairytale adult; The movie of all time; The mini-s...

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10. Redemption

The next best path to nothing is the way in which you live; Take it don't leave it because the choice is not yours; Void is the path that controls your immortal toil; Your soul lies dormant when your ...

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11. Revenge Now Sworn

Your excuses to me they are no consolation; For what easily poured from your open mouth; in goes your foot again, back where it belongs; You said what you meant but did you mean what you said; Now pus...

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12. Sadist-fy

Forcing of values once sent; Now preying on seeds of your innocence; Knowing full well the whole time; Deep seeded repression once held in tight; Boils from behind; Chosen my victim no longer restrict...

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13. Seperatism

Society is burning, yearning at my blood; Digging deep wounds, it's time to move on. It's me against them until they exist no more; Seperatism, Seperatism; No-one thought will turn this around; They'r...

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14. Soul - Less

Soul-less lies beneath the exterior; Incapable now constantly I fall; In my blind eyes; Inevitable life's doom stalks near; Soul-less dead beneath the exterior; Incapable & constant I fall; My eyes bl...

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15. The Shit That Grits Your Teeth

One true passion, reality; Joy of expression, through other means; Certainly carries what faith hopes to hold; The need to be is getting cold; What my God sees lies deep in me; Cause if I can't feel w...

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16. Tortured

My mentality has taken me to paranoid; realities. My mind is a mess; I can't bare to see; The more I lose focus, the more my grip slips. Off this pain pain worse than death; Of that life that I dream;...

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17. Worm

Live your life in fear rely on your dependence; Push the blame believe you're shit always pretending; We're all at fault except the image in the mirror; Truth it hurts when spoken easier to cower; [Ch...

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