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1. Blasphemous Embellishment

Murder! Strife! Insurgent souls, Rise! Exert the catalyst war, challenge of restless hate; Mass dissention calls, unfurled from the fiery gates; Blessed by sermons of filth, idols resume their wraith;...

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2. Desecrator Of Sanctuary

Behold your crumbling temple, the ark is now defiled; Gnostic rise, evanescent cries, all must die! Enter the hammer, bloodthirsty pillager, sacramental barbarism; Stone excalibur, set upon the church...

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3. Diabolical Darkness

Now arriving, a seditious age, prophecies to end your old ways, The unearthly, the vengeful swarm, Consuming the land to bring about the end of days; Supreme superion, the wisest of all beings, I shal...

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4. Hellfire Armada

The ocean is boiling, in spite of the black dawn; The silvery gleam of destroyers, conjures the terror of the hellfire storm; Advance with all cannons blazing signifying our arrival; Leave no shore un...

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5. Mutilate

To the point of the absurd, slaughtered and writhed in; Absorb the primordial energy from the ritual mutilation; Within beastlike souls, the circle of fire intensifies; Pre-ordained, by the moon you'r...

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6. Sarcarium Tormentum

Forbidden entrancement by the mighty necronomicon, Crowley; A dismal recitation, the names of all consuming beasts; Taken the oath, in rituals of tortured screams; Subconscious invocation to a landsca...

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7. The Eternal Conflagration

The battery has begun, Legions of the sworn shall rise; Proclaim with unparalleled demonic rage; Eternal duality, an omni-present reality; Restoration of Lucifer and his enlightened age; Movement of h...

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8. Tyrants On Your Warpath

Suffer the earth! Elite powers, wretched beings, using the elements to suppress me; Grasping the earth with their stranglehold of malevolence; The hordes of plutocracy, feed on the nature of hypocrisy...

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