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1. Deadworld

Deadworld; The Oceans will rise; Mankind will die; It was we who murdered the sky; Forever inside; Dead world; Forced into desolation; Total devastation; Supreme anihilation; Eternal ruin of mans crea...

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2. Derelict

Derelict; Derelict; Among the ruin I breathe death to all born to breed; I must taste the seeping wounds of those who are left to bleed; Like the shell of a deralict master born to empty disbelief; I ...

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3. Global Viscera

Death of nations, mutilation, taste the bitter sweet frustration; Of hells creation, anhiliation, apocalyptic incarnation. ; Fear of subversion, mass confusion, screaming as the skies; Turn to fire......

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4. Remains Dormant

Remains Dormant; Over vast killing fields; Endless cyclopean constructs; filled with debris; the lost memory of a dying planet; Remains Dormant; How did it come to this? All that remains is corrupted;...

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