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1. Absent Reality

Absent Reality; Underneath a spell from these horrific chemicals; Internal warfare plagues my mind and all I see; Living in an Absent Reality; Destruction in this Absent Reality; Hallucinations haunte...

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2. Deep Within

Deep Within; Escaped from his cell; 200 years of sodomy; Deranged, psychotic thinking; As his thoughts go astray; Possessed by his brain; Darkness dwells in times to pray; Life replaced by Death's emb...

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3. Primitive Years

Primitive Years; Disaster swept an unsuspecting nation; An evil diagnosed insane; Dragged down a dirty, beaten path; A massacre left behind; It roams this wasteland of death and decay; As life ceases ...

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4. Salvation Denied

Salvation Denied; A day once set where a king will rule; He rose to power under a funeral moon; For the damned the gates slowly closed for thee; While salvation rules in eternity; Salvation Denied in ...

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