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1. Dream Child

Sun going down, she opens her eyes; It´s dark in the belfry and cold; Whispers of rain, wind in the sky; So long it´s been all she´s been told; Dream child, you´re all alone; Roaming though the night;...

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2. Hell Abloom

She would lie upon the bed and stare into the wall; Where the shadows flicker and they beckon and they crawl; Cloakina's children grown in bottles in the dark; Seen and heard by the heresiarch; Boilin...

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3. Nailed

Good intentions pave the way of the human child; Heading for the fork as you walk the path of life; A spell cast from the hiding woods, don´t you close your eyes; The snake is waiting anytime to penet...

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4. Soun

When you cross the edge inside; reach out for the stranger; As you sign the deal tonight; Icarus´s your only guide; See the haggard child of sun; To the tempting fires you run; Pass the gate and reali...

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5. Tears Of A Mandrake

Gaze at the leaving clairvoyant; Predicting invasions and pain; A child cansee through the stranger... The Watcher´s eye, the noble liar; It´s time for the merchant and his help for sale... Blades to ...

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6. Thy Serpent Calm Blinking

We now could face our seedling, and to accept the disliked figure it bears; Watch while it stings my growing; as this old friend lasted for years; That grey and simple passage hidden within; My belove...

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