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1. Counting Down

Do you remember when we had it as eternal? How could we believe in ourselves those times? We didn't want to worry; [BRIDGE]; We know there's a countdown; It never stops; We try to ignore it; As all we...

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2. Glassmade Stars

Allowed to Sail; Out of reality; Happy years of innocence; When the unknown surrounds; White points that lighten; The skies of everynight; Magic lights that fly around; Making wished become true; Teor...

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3. Keyless Padlock

I tried so hard; I tried to see; Learn from the past; All that's wrong with me; But how can i fix something; If i don't know where it's wrong? But i see them turning their backs; And going away... ; A...

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4. Ripped Wings

In some moment of my life; It was taken away from me; The belief that I had; In the power; To take part; To Change it all; Like we had the future in hands; Their words penetrated my mind; They showed ...

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5. The Haven

Born inside a tumult; Incessant voices, unbearable noises; The choking air of progress; On this stage of frenetic lights; Such a narrow corridor; Gives no other choice; Must follow the way it allows; ...

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