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1. Annie Enemy

Burned the photographs; Started walking away from the yesteryear; Mistress bound and gagged; Decorating the tiles with a rosy smear; One sweet moment; Tabs to tranquilize; Reason taking its toll on a ...

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2. Black Lace

Boy you’d swear she’s a movie queen; The way she fits into every scene; Driving in her Benz; Sending texts to her friends; New nose in a magazine; Prada boots and prescription pills; Born and raised i...

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3. Cerulean Blue

Looking to find my sense of pride; Looking to find my place to hide; Looking to find what's left when all that's left is you; Looking to find my point of view; Looking at one good reason to stay; Look...

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4. Cinder Tin

9PM; City’s cold; Idée fixe; Taking hold; All fired up; Face aglow; Ash for bliss; Quid pro quo; Looking on as buildings burn; Tensions ease but souls still yearn; When the flames had all been tamed; ...

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5. Close

You're afraid to let me in; That twisted mind of yours; You're afraid you'll be the one; To end up on all fours; Don't be afraid, I promise; This won't hurt at all; And all the thoughts you're hiding ...

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6. Dead People's Review

I see it in your eyes; That look of sheer disgust with the world; And I know just what it's like; To be lying on a table going nowhere; Staring at a wall; And I just want to make things better; What I...

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7. D_letion

Go ahead; You can make it all okay; Cock it back; Never face another day; Realize; That I’m only here for you and you’re for me; You can try to downplay me; But I’ll never go away; I’m getting close t...

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8. Easy A

School bell rings, classrooms empty, everyone goes home; Save for one girl, the model senior has the teacher alone; Says she’s fallen way behind and needs some one-on-one; Saunters over, taking out an...

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9. Gemini Man

He’s a loner but he’s; Never too alone; Got a wife, two kids; And a nondescript home; He’s an inside man; Looking on from outside; Trying desperately to; Break that divide; No expression on his face; ...

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10. Grave Concerns

Midnight; Snow white; Two boys; Take flight; Backpack; Flashlight; Full moon; So bright; Headstones; Zinc white; Take up; Their sight; No lock; This night; Open; Invite

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11. Love Sounds

Standing here; Alone inside your bedroom; You push me back and tie me down; Asked a question but; There's no sound; And all I love is underground; Don't know why; I hate it so (I just don't know); Muc...

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12. Monochrome

She steps outside her tiny box; Doors made of glass with tiny locks; She dreams in monochrome now; Her own world in black and white; She takes her time in redefining me; I'm not convinced and neither ...

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13. Mother May I?

You lost yourself; Lost amongst the nonsense you purvey; You waste your breath; Not like you would use it anyway; You sit and stare; No one cares to notice that you're there; So numb succumb to feel m...

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14. Plastik Soul

If you want to you can find something that’s brand new; All you need do is take a look at yourself; In me you’ll see I am the one you want to be; Trust me just me I can make you like me too; Sell your...

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15. Romantique Life

Fake a smile and drink my wine; Take a pill you'll be just fine; Medicate everything you know; Unconscious, sleeping, same tomorrow; Make me shallow just like you; Your calm and cold lips will make du...

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16. Seeping

Winter after she had left us; I'd stand a darkened blur; Going through the relics from a; Life I shared with her; It wasn't long before I came to; Her antique dresser drawer; I fell upon a note inside...

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17. Sellout

Hey girl, I can see you; For the right price I will be you; Today girl you're a punk rock tart; But if a checkbook talks; You're the state of the art; You sold your soul to be in the spotlight; You so...

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18. Sneak Peak

Staring at you in a dimly lit room with an LP on; You slip off your dress as the stylus caresses your favorite song; I’ve had my share of green eyes and brown hair just as anyone; There’s something ‘b...

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19. Visceral

Love it when you spit on me and say it’s raining; Think I’ll never get enough of your complaining; Shrug your shoulders, walk away, solve those problems; You’re the bigger man; Whispered words behind ...

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20. Waiting Room

Take my words and chain them to a moment; Take my heart and throw it on the floor; Languishing, been waiting here forever; Call my name, I'll walk right out the door; And I'll just take my number; Sit...

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21. Windows

Rainy Sunday; There's a gray November in her eyes; Hopeful Monday; Just the kind that cannot tell you lies; Busy Backstreet; All alone she sits and dreams of you; In the backseat; It's the only place ...

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