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1. Another Chance

Dark; The darkest night, embrace your soul with rage; Hate; More pure than faith, drag you and swallow you whole; Like a spawn from hell; Back from prison cell; Evil points at you (Evil); Another chan...

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2. Answer

Against you all; We!!! To fuck you all; Double-faced motherfuckers; Chameleon of cowardness; We!!! Became your worst (the worst) nightmare, fuck; The thorn inside; I?m in your eyes; I fuck you back; I...

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3. Beg For Mercy

Bastard!!! I'll hunt you down throgh the country; This bloody feeling costing many lifes; Can't you see you broke all society rules; Leaving (your) evil mark where you passed by; Butcher!!! You raped ...

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4. Blood On Your Lips

Save your breath brave warrior; Because your lady you'll never see; She's gone , all alone; She belongs to eternity; In the land of dreams she rests; With the angels around her; The body's lying here;...

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5. Eternal Doubt

Mystery of the destiny of the human soul; When the body rests forever; Different beliefs confound themselves; Who's right or who's wrong; Don't want to be just cold flesh; That decays till turns into ...

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6. Face Of Terror

I remember my childhood; and my hometown; I remember the smiling and; naive clown's face; He was always jumping with his; colored balloons; We were so calm, we won't forget; When killing of children, ...

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7. Family

Built by him, fear the anger of his insanity; Hearse one more undertake him take him to the core; No one to stop, no one to dare, he rules this place with a clenches hand; No way to fight, it's never ...

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8. God Little Man

Spreading all; Hands on all; Your guns, your uniform; You act, omnipotent; Reckless fault; Fuck you & you all; You pass your stress; Your fears into me; But Will; Will rise; Anger & Hate; So mine; Blo...

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9. Grief

Face; The shelter, (the) pit you lie; Mind; The eye, to learn; Break; The walls (that) keep you dumb; Mine; Only my low life; Scream For your soul; Lie Burn and sold; Fear Your choking life; Pain you ...

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10. Growing Coward

This inside my head; Paint my head as red; Leave myself in pain; Leave me no strength; I might die here ? weak as you are; This is so clear ? cheap as you are; This is my fear; I might die here; Save ...

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11. Intro


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12. Let Me Live

I know the men's story; Men betray among themselves; It's not the end but just the beginning; And I don't want to be part of it; My soul is conflicting; Living in sorrow in this world; Sorrow is restr...

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13. Malpractice

Believed that your power was forever; Dont leaving rock upon rock; Demolishing em all like a big tornado; Ignoring tears and pain; Destroyed dreams and distorted the truth; Provoking bitterness and co...

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14. Nailpoint

Justice by my hand; Inner thoughts awaking (in) pain; Reject the strenght (that) come through my throat; Why become a bunch of lies? No More Lights!!!!!!!!! Become my eyes I'm your mind; I wait you!!!...

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15. No Chance

During his whole life, he didn't produce; And tried to tread and smash; the other ones; The time for regret has gone; As the life that was given to him; Only shadows you can see; And from them, voices...

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16. One Step

May I go? Where at one step to the real life; the wind lets me know; If my soul; Dreads what my body has dreaded so; I wanna know how far to go; What they call the end; If it's only a bad dream, the d...

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17. Prelude Of The End

When I try to remember the beginning; The whole thing comes like a dream; That don't bring me laughs; And something might be reality; The nothing , the empty; Without light; Without a way; I still hav...

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18. Rejected

Breath; Don't let me breath; Until I'm still alive; Become, the scum; The fracture in; Bleed; You let me bleed; You let me see; The shit, the things; I?m within; Bend yourself; Break you down; Dumb; F...

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19. The Witch

White veils of silk; Hides that beautiful figure; Gloomy and mysterious woman; Attracting the most close wishes; As the weak as the powerful; Enchant themselves with; her hypnotic look; But, don't liv...

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