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1. Abattoir

Pure infestations of blasphemies; Rising darkness through hallowed ground; Lambs weep in deception; Desecration upon the worms of church; Messengers of the unholy war; We shall kill who hides behind t...

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2. Abhorrer Existence

From the darkest deep of the abyss I come; Marching for intense destruction; Bringing in the hands the unholy vengeance; Infernal fire burn in me; Forging the sanity; Of my cursed existence; I'm the d...

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3. Always And Forever

Always And Forever; Always at my side; Forever in my heart; These are not just empty words, but strong feelings, without which our lives would be empty; Always at my side; Forever in my heart; Always ...

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4. Caught In a Vortex

Through the gate of the Dark Dimension; To the mass of the swirling matter; To the depths of an endless Void; I'm thrown by the wickest of magics; I'm chained to this darkness; In this place of nothin...

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5. Devourer Of Souls

Ancient Demons, ageless Evil; Preparing the Ritual of Awakening; Awakening of the Unspeakable; Master is here, the Infernal Duke; Arisen form the bowels of Earth; Eternal sleep been finally upset; Wor...

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6. Disintegration Of Flesh

Word of utter destruction; Spell of termination; Annihilating living flesh; The Organic Holocaust; Flesh To Dust ! Bodies To Ashes ! Flesh To Dust ! Evolution, of billion year; Destroyed, in a segment...

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7. Evoking The Abomination

Darkest spells surround us; With blood that spills from the circles; Screaming with unsees tongues; Invocations with unspoken words; From the ruins of the ancient one tombs; From the depth of the abys...

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8. Hellish Annihilation

Tormented lord on the cross; Holy messiah to the worms; Leading the centuries of decay; Scorn rules in this earth; Behold the inside pentagram circle; Pestilence of blasphemy; Hellish covenant taste o...

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9. Holy Laws Of Pain

Listen to me, you mere mortals; Not through God, not through Satan; But through Me - You will feel the Pain; Taste my gift - The Tribulation; Only one term - One requisition; Endure this torment - 'Ti...

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10. I.n.r.i

They say that you've born to the eternal kidness; And that was conceived by divine grace; That came to finish with the pervertion and evil; And died on the cross to humanity save; The pervertion and e...

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11. Pestilential Mists

From suppurating sores; From bloated bodies; From bubonic blisters; The stench is slowly rising ! It's floating in the air; The reek of decay and death; As the infested bodies fester; Exuding this rot...

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12. Pleasures Of Putrid Flesh

I exhume the corpses; I violate the graves; The morbid stench; Smell of death; It fills my lungs; Oh, it's so heavenly; The maggots dwell in your organs; The sight gives me orgasms; Your flesh darkene...

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13. Storming Warfare

Armies of hatred stand; Faithfully to serve the sword; Hunger dogs of war; Full of anger, desire and lust; Desecrations upon the bastards of church; Blasting a massive genocide; Everlasting disgrace u...

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14. Triumph In Blasphemy

Behind the sinister symbol of abhorrence; The gates of blasphemy are open; Cursed cult from depth; To rise the lord of evil; Revocation of wrath; No boundaries to sacrifies; Servants of death, legions...

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