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1. Alone In The Street

She walks alone; Alone in the street; She’s comin’ back home; Alone in the street; Warning , woman , behind you; There’s a shadow; You don’t know it; But it follows you. ; The fear… Hasten your steps…...

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2. Lady Abhema

Here in the valley where all beauty falls; Risen from the ashes a newborn king’s daughter. Her lips have only one name that she calls; In her eyes was foretold :we shall burn together. The human being...

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3. Slaves Of Time

Bastard time you don’t wait us; You are unforseeable with your cursed hands; Seconds, minutes elapse without care; Meanwhile someone’s dying because his time is come. ; Harried n’restless is our life;...

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4. Thirst For Blood

One day is some day; One man as another man; The same weapon; The same way of use; Walkin’on the street; Watching human being; I choose my victims; I follow ‘em till the right place. A man or a woman;...

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