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1. Abstraction Of An Eternal Scroll

Clip started from the end; Now we frantically rewind; The brain pulses to show us; That this is not more than a state;; A dream inside many wave lapses; That string along the measure; Yielding for no ...

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2. Anthem Of Westbridge

Every moment spent without you tears me apart inside; And every skyline spend alone; Brings me right back to the start; Thinking about how we could run so far from what's in front of us; How later I c...

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3. Because It Can't Last

mines and ground wires channel the static; we climb outlines that blend together through amber film; the breath held in we swallowed can't remember; a bantered surge; lending itself time

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4. Briggs Chaney

Lately I've been thinking about the days I used to know; What happened to the simple times; Things have changed so silently; I yearn for years ago: for things to be just simple again; What happened to...

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5. Clock And Conquest

Head in tact, i raise the back of my curved spine; And shape its form again; Cause now the seams begin to twitch; And heighten their relentless loss to another; A growling blight takes in breath with ...

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6. Elizabeth

When it comes time do you know how to find; what you're looking for? Seems as though we've been down this road; at least one time before; But I know now that it's too late for me to understand; what I...

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7. Fold

Standing paper man to fall from winds he knows will pull apart his folds; Drifting out of reach the city forms another blind eye to the fact that life is change and letting go is living the day awaits...

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8. Here's To Now

Getting twice as hard it seems to go on this time; Alone with you one million miles away; I think i'm really lost this time; Now it's time to say goodbye; Have i lost it all or was it even here? And b...

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9. Inactive I

Instead of molding eyes; Take a chance on unknown odds; Facing adjacent to wind means coming out inside; Ten poles pass me on the road at test speeds; I don’t understand consistency; (we were made wit...

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10. Inactive II

Wait i can’t breathe without you; How did one person become such part of me? I will have to fake this; At least then i’ll know that i’m out of our mind tonight; Ever think we would be so far; Ever thi...

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11. Inferus Exitium

Vines and tripwire vanish in static; Their blind outlines drill panic in forever; It’s undefined; what loosens lines that snag extent; Don’t bother looking for the source; Mend the wounded soul; Benea...

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12. Knock Down

A distraught world appears in front of my eyes; If i shut them would i ever find my way back home? A world i know and a world that i've come to accept in time; Looking around, seems that it's left beh...

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13. Last Collapse

Silence comes on us again; And i don't know just why i can't seem to make the change; The air is calm, what can i do? One too many times i've spent lamenting change that just won't stay; Soon you will...

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14. Lost In Flight

I’m ready for a new scene to be born we have got to disqualify the need of encasing what we believe to be the; Truth it seems so dire this struggle that i drew for fun just lost in flight so far from ...

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15. Never Tonight

Another summer night spent alone; And if i could choose this time, i'd vow to never let you go; So come with me tonight, lets take the wind in our hair; Just tell me right now where can end up tonight...

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16. Sometimes Forever

Taking everything i've got; Just to keep my lungs from filling up with water; I'm drowning on my own, just watching you with him; Is he something that i'm not? Sometimes it's easy enough not to see yo...

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17. The Giant Scope

Looking through kaleidoscopes; Believing the option of freedom; That the random assimilations of color can pose; As they wind into patterns; And their brightness flows unhindered; As their link of ado...

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18. The Impermanence Of Height

Fighting slow turns; Grip the wheel to counter placating blades and; Butterflies churning their way; Life came when we blocked the page of dull marks; From all the world scratching analogous lines; Fi...

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19. The Luminous Cutter Flies

Jumbled resize crumbles peelings of dreams at the gate; Forced out, i'm begging strangers to let me starve on; The sound of my love; The gulls fake their cries; false remissions from; Feeling decay; D...

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20. Twice In November

Things never seemed so far away as they do right now; This time i'm all alone; Cut down and pulled beneath my feet; My world comes down around me, i'll watch it away; Time plays its gentle tune; As i ...

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21. Under Awakening

Once chalked up eyes now turn to color rewind backward glances with no sight reaching sea starts clasping throats spraying into thoughts fear doesn’t know have to move along somehow it’s shaking me aw...

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22. Until Then

Start fading away; Just when things have started; I'm on my own before tomorrow comes and goes; Can see your face like you never left; Can see the sun shine down it; I've hardly begun to cry now; Well...

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23. White After Limits

All sewn up except the eyes; A station of intake is all that a human is; Relying on what we’re told by our senses; But it’s impossible to feel; What exceeds our comprehension; Right wing tactics takin...

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24. Wish We Were Here

Unsaid moments we lost; Waiting for another day precluding all that sets us free; Another day goes wasted, another night goes by; I'm waiting for the time to walk away; Forgotten how to tell you anyth...

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