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1. E M A (Broke It)

(E M A, your love is cold); You gave me comfort; You broke my chest; When sparks were pouring me on earth; Rode a dragonfly; That I've been; Showed your colors; Left me cold; My love and I broke it; M...

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2. Hush

Ohh; Ohh; Ohh; Ohh; Go away my demon; Go with me now; Leave your hands in a castle; Burn it down; Be my guidance in the night; Be my friend; Free me on your beating heart; Hush; Children of my sorrow?...

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3. Time Is Golden

Leave me high and be my lover; Slip inside my eyes and burn the other life; Do you belive in hunting heaven; Weather you're falling on down or weather you're falling on; It's just another time when ti...

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