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1. Breathe Again

Just a simple girl in these shoes; They ain't worth much; but they carry the weight of my blues; Just a lonely voice, with too much inside; I ache to let it all out; But I've got too much to hide; So ...

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2. Caffeine

Early in the morning when my baby's still snoring; And I've gotta get out of bed even though it seems; Way too early still the stupid little birdies; Are chirpin at memaybe they've already; had their ...

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3. Dreams

I am always running, living on in-betweens; I wear my dreams around my neck, as if someone could see; Wondering what I've been doing, am I where I should be; But all my blues turn to red when you look...

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4. Honey On My Grave

When I, am long gone; And I'm cold beneath the clay; Won't you think of this old song; And put honey on my grave; If I'm covered in sweetness; I surely will be saved; I will live in the golden sun; Wi...

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5. I'm A Fool

I thought I heard a car door slam; But it must have been the wind; I'll admit, my heart jumped up; With the thought of you coming, back home again; I'm a fool cause I waited all day; Spent the night a...

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6. Ohio

I gotta go, I gotta go, I gotta go to OHIO; Seeds to sow, rows to hoe, I gotta go to OHIO; When I was three I planted seeds; Watched ‘em grow up past my knees; Long for dirt between my toes; Dirt that...

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7. One Love

You take ten thousand tears; collected over 26 years; You take a million lonely days; run together in a drunken haze; You take half a dozen heartaches; and eight apartments with 2nd hand clothes; God ...

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8. Sweet Georgia Pines

I was born in Black Rock, beneath the sweet Georgia pines; Daddy was a railroad man, Momma was so kind; But that boy showed me heaven, how could I know; He'd just up and leave one day, when my belly b...

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