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1. Air

The days are heavy the hours a lot to bear; In Europe there’s fresh air; Or is it long past gone; For the air is something everybody needs; But no one ever cared; Dor me the way you did; Give me the a...

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2. Clown

Could this please be the last time; Could this time be just for me; Make my hair put my make-up on; Make me ready for my show; See the star see the star now; Clap your hands clap your hands now; Pleas...

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3. Contact Improvisation

My precious secret; Witches and fairies keep it safe; They take it to a coast; Magical in the moon; Away from earth; Love got dressed like dance; And blew life to my body; And all my steps; I'll get d...

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4. Danko

Unset time. Unset place. Not necessarily a spot in history. The darkest time of humanity. The darkest season of earth. Nothing grows. Nothing evolves. Darkness covers almost all land. Unknown if there...

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5. Gone

It’s been a while; Since I’ve seen you laugh; It’s always just a smile; Instead of tears; I know a place; Where your shadow lives; Lonely, aching in an endless dark; Gone with the wind; Away in a clou...

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6. Goodnight

I want so much to cry; And then turn around and hide; Under my tears,away from you; Please try and feel some pride; Show me that you don’t know how; To show me you know; To tell me you love me; Now I’...

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7. Over The Wall

Raise your eyes very slowly dear; The sunlight may make you blind; Seal the hunted story of our lives; Make it a book and set on fire; But darling, don’t ever ask me what is worth; We made so huge and...

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8. Sometimes

Sometimes hearts can be broken; Silly words spoken; Thrown in the air; Sometimes you’re feeling so empty; But something you can’t see; Brings you back to life; Trying to make you feel secure; Releasin...

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