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1. Closer

Daylight fades away as I watch you from a distance; Darkness claims the sky and I wish you could only know; We're supposed to be miles away; But something draws me closer; We're supposed to be far awa...

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2. Don't Cry

Oh oh oh oh; The day you walked into my life; I knew it was no sacrifice; To let you in; I wanted nothing more than to win your heart; And once I have it my poison ruin everything; Now all I can do is...

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3. Fallen Too Far

When you first looked at me; I forgot to breathe; That moment marked my hardened heart; I vowed never to leave; And the touch of your skin; Healed something deep within; That left me wanting more of y...

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4. Heartbreaker

Sitting on the porch; Just waiting to see; More glimpse of you; I should have known, man; I've been fooled to believe; You'd ever want me too; This silly girl; Gave into her heart; I should have liste...

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5. Yet You Stay

You weren't meant for the ice; you weren't made for the pain; The world that lives inside of me, brought only shame; You were meant for castles and living in the sun; The cold running through me; shou...

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