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1. Bring On The Damned

Apocalypse in ten weeks; Astronomical secrets; Elect the saints; We won't neglect; Man began to multiply; Daughters born to them; For the chosen to select; Sworn and bound by mutual exsecration; The r...

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2. Don’t Walk Alone

Feelin’ hot; One chance is all you’ve got; When you’re out on the streets; You fight for what you keep; Stand up and fight; For the wrong side of right; We’ll take matters in our own hands; Give me th...

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3. Game Of Death

Finding your fate; Aloudly you scream; In a world filled with pain and; Shattering dreams; Your back’s to the wall; With nowhere to go; This could be the day; Cuz your time’s running low; They poison ...

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4. Hammer Of The Gods

Lookout when you hear a roar; of a god when he strikes his sword; Eyes of fire; Almighty power; A time we danced for gold; where dreams were bought and sold; Mystic nights; Burning bright; Fear the ha...

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5. Night Of The Knife

Back alley ways; is there he stalks; The feel the blade tucked near his heart; The cold, the mist sets floatingly; Street lights ablazde haughtingly; Nasty surprise or jack the knife; the fate comes b...

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6. Nothing Sacred

Look in the darkness; see the fire burning bright; A shadow flickers; an unholy light; Watch the little children; their drems brought down; Run to hideaway; of the shame that they found; CHORUS:; On t...

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7. S.b.d. (feel The Fire)

Breaking out in desperation; he dares to cross; The boundry that separates; the living from the dead; The Lord asked the man his name; and he answered, "Go Away!"; He thought death in it's infinite. B...

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8. Screams From The Grave

They come in the night; And they’re searching for prey; The look in their eyes will burn you away; Piercin’ the wastelands they sweep; Thru the plains; Cutting the darkness just like a blade; Nothing ...

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9. Stronger Than Evil

I see the swords – I hear the sound; Me commrades falling to the gound; We’re fighting til the very end; My mind is hell-bent on revenge; Stronger than evil – no longer a fool; Stronger than evil – to...

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10. Temptations Of The Flesh

I see fire in your eyes; Feel our bodies burning from the heat; Magic runs through our veins; I’m with you now and thrusting in deep; And then your on your way; your love will always stay; In four wal...

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11. The Enemy

A cry of pain and shout; The call of war is out; Roaring guns throughout the night; Gothic lines stare in fright; Bodies burn and ash from flame; Treaties here won’t save the pain; Chorus:; The enemy…...

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12. The Living and The Dead

Oh feel the despair; The hopeless prepare; To mock and deface; The whole Human Race; The Last generation; It’s the end of the nations; It’s coming true; All around you; Don’t hold your breath; And wai...

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13. The Only Safe Place

Trapped in a nightmare; lost and hellbound; Two leaders are at command; the pressure of countdown; Tendency toward the threat; survival a main reason; A live in piece is what they ask; still aliies ar...

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14. Under My Skin

You done it this time like never before; over my limit can't take it no more; My blood is boiling can't sleep at night; awake in a cold sweat redy to fight; I'm like a time bomb ready to blow; chains ...

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15. Vicious Attack (maniac)

He walks in the streets; He talks in your sleep; He stares in your eyes; He laughs as you cry; Silence is his way; Slicing thru the day; A blinding flash of light; Watch him kill on sight; Hiding in t...

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