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1. Ashes of the Damned

Ashes of the Damned - bourne on pestilential winds; Zephyrs flay the sky - cinders bath in blaze; Scorch raw starry vault - Above the earth accursed; Carnage beyond despair - souls seared in gaze; Emb...

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2. Count the Dead

Grimshard Lord of northern Reach; Heed the dread Hel can teach; Despair in halls of burning keep; Taste the tears kinfolk weep; See the twilight realm you rule; Land aflame, flesh our fuel; Inspire me...

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3. Nebular Ravens Winter

Damnation calls; Final blasts close the earth; Immortal victory; Winters bane upon the masses; Snow spiraling towards auroral clouds; Clear nebulous visions sight; Soulwinds fall into the dark ice rea...

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4. Winterbane

Cleanse steel in carnage; Unleash chthonic darkness; Scud stochastic vortex; Blitz vicious bastards; Sheath blades in carcass; Disembowel tangled skein; Upon ripe flesh we harvest; Human grain mortal ...

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