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1. Act As If

And here's the cold truth; You'll amount to nothing; And while I am setting the world on fire; You're just standing by with eyes wide shut; Roaming endlessly; No rest as far as the eyes can see; I'm s...

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2. Bad Luck

Consistency at it's finest; Attract then go back; To the way things were three years ago; A foundation bound to break; And somehow, I always end up in this frame of mind; I toss and turn every time; I...

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3. Blurry Vision

I got these heavy thoughts; What will it take to connect the dots? I'm at a loss; While you're trying so hard to get your point across; But you drained every bit of sympathy from my brain; And it's cl...

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I am trying to make it through, day by day; And I just can't stay bottled up inside myself; I suffered in my circled steps for far too long; I will never make the same mistakes again; It's tearing at ...

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5. Compromise

You're taking me for granted; Can you agree to compromise? Cause I've wanted this for so long; And my mind keeps telling why; Am I making you nervous, you may not deserve this; But it's time for me to...

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6. Drowned Out

Switching lanes like you always do; You say everything except the truth; Switching lanes, never follow through; So try to convince me why I should believe you; Let's take it back to a year; When you e...

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7. For The Sake Of Nothing

I tried my hardest but you keep pushing me back; I don't wanna be the bearer of the bad news; With nothing to hold on to; You wasted all your pride for the sake of nothing; For the sake of nothing; Yo...

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8. Good Luck Next Year

I've been blanking out; Over simple situations; No matter what it takes; I need to gain some confidence; And the hardest part is trying to; Keep up with everyone else; I'll bite my tongue and keep on ...

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9. Good Terms

We were going headstrong; Yet only pulled down by eachother; This valued higher than everything else; Avoid the risk at all cost; Maybe I'll regret it forever; Maybe I'll regret for the rest of my lif...

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10. Greyscale

I expected nothing less from you; And even after all the years; You're still having trouble to overcome your fears; I really got nothing left to say; So now stay the fuck away; We'll back the fuck up ...

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11. Headstorm

You're just a distant memory; But you're causing a headstorm; It's draining all my energy; Trying to get you out of my head; And I see through you; For all the things you put me through; Yeah I see th...

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12. No Rush

I am blind, left behind, It's the last time; Everything that I do is try to overcome you; I can't remember; What it's like to feel anything at all; And my patience is long gone; It's long gone; You're...

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13. Out of Bounds

I blame myself for the last years; No more sympathy for you; And we're heading nowhere; Can't you see what you have become? Some times I think of all the things you said; Sometimes I blame you for the...

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14. So Far Gone

My thoughts are getting jaded; Along with my whole mind; And anything but apathy is hard to find; My soul is disconnected; From all that I used to know; It's getting hard to know where I'm supposed to...

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15. Strangers

Took a step in the right direction; Even though we only saw a reflection; And our consistency ended instantly; And it seems like we're just strangers by now; We're just strangers by now; I always thou...

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16. True Colors

Play "True Colours"; What the fuck is this? The words you put in my head; Remind me from time to time; How did you manage to mess me up like this; Sometimes I stray around a little in the middle then ...

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17. Void Filler

You thought I was branded; You left me here anchored; And now I have a hard time; Feeling any sort of sympathy for you; Waste away, I hope you decay; You were nothing more than a big waste of my time;...

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