Abandon Tomorrow

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1. Echoes

Pull out the crucifix; Spirits awaken; Through the portal of lost souls; I cower in fear left to wonder; Changes in seasons are upon us now; Time flies as the clock ticks faster and faster; Crippling ...

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2. Emptiness

Pity the living, more than the dead; These worries that kill you are all in your head; Realizing that nothing's left in this world; This is the day where you learn that death has a toll; Set yourself ...

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3. Let Me Out

Today they woke me up; And strapped me in my bed; They sewed my mouth shut; So nothing can be said; The blood and agony; It's seeping through my teeth; Torture methods are so confined; Thoughts going ...

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4. The Art Of Giving In

The whole world is a big fucking lie; No heaven or hell, just the ground and the sky; There is no justice because it's always fading, and there's no world to admire, because it's desecrating; I can't ...

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