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1. Displaced

it’s been years since you have all become so hard; but this time you ain´t feel it’s wrong; the time has come for you to play the final card; next chance it would be - years - to - come; like a thief ...

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2. Distracted

devine creatures in a pleasant set; distorted vulture with the smile; managed just to hover ´bove the scene; distracted by an unexspected grip; you said: - all´s not lookin good; expect nothin` you wa...

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3. Existance

uh, this is one in ten – I grew tall; no way for me to spill it then – tried it all; but it was then when I lead – lead to a; faithfull horizon – a burden to shake your; spine – a burden to cross – to...

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4. Lost But Not Forgotten

Ever been, a red-burned so-to-call – ridin´ high, swaying through the hall; a jacked-up mind, with the winning smile – rags to riches – downhill style; got the news – I felt lost – I was helpless – co...

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5. No Other Time

one bad temper on black day; got that grip on a long awaited clue; heard it coming from that hollow-way; this now really haunts you; arise to the occasion; live with the fear of an epic disaster; ther...

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6. Praise But One

I think it’s best to believe – that underneath - there appears a void; the entity of beast – burden to your soul; crying all so limitless – so downtrodden – so suppressed; and it’s like saying – we wa...

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7. Road Song

see this park site - nothing’s changed; how many times – don’t know - but now I pass again; I have had that one approach – I have had that one good deed –; to try and get a life – to find me what I ne...

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8. Scylla & Charibdis

filing grace; unforetold; `this right – this just got it rolled; be back on a scene – been back on a role; stooped forward then – and ripped out your own soul; backlayed from delusion – haunted, restl...

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9. Sloth

to leave a place – a place like this; a place always admired; is a piercing pain – cause what lies ahead, is so unsure to be seen; head looks through the fallin`rain; memorizing the maze; some fallen ...

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10. Someone's Desire

Just explain me, what you’ve done; Don’t weep – for it’ll just come undone; I foresee a beautiful time; With you on the wall and me on your mind; Controlled – despite the pain; Controlled – close your...

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11. The Sad, The Damned, The Dead

this place is a raging court; lone tenders in a stuffened pit; I see no one’s deliberate; but truly needs deliverance; believe is untold, the dream is on hold, and the story’s about to end here; this ...

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12. World Of Hurt

a life is lost – you stare and watch – waiting for the things to come; no place to hide – see father’s anger at the highest tide – who will be the one to shut my eyes? I know the pain in your heart – ...

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