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1. A Meters a Mile

If you're a meter away it might as well be a mile, It feels like a year since I've seen your smile; If one kiss becomes a thousand its not enough; If you open the floodgates, You could drown whole cit...

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2. Angels Wings Are The Devils Things

I've burnt you and I can't bare the sight of the scars; We never buried our love I can see it rotting before my eyes; All the makeup in this world won't make a corpse look alive; Pictures pull apart s...

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3. Coal Black Soul

There's a street I'd always walk, And a man I'd greet but we'd never talked; No pity for the man insanity wed, Nor hatred for what he hasn't done yet; Moral frailty wilts to conscious intent, And ends...

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4. Defining Moments

I remember a time when the world was still one-dimensional; I never tread were ambition preyed, There was no world beyond Adelaide; Then I grew old overnight to run with knives, Through forests of tri...

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5. Keyless Cage

To set the scene... silence; cut with violence, A young girl screams, then blue and red sirens; You're no one on a weekday, the hate haemorrhages; behind your face; Weekend warriors come out to play; ...

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6. Kill If I Could

Where dose reality end and the nightmare begin? I close my eyes and dream up a perfect world inside my head, And in that dream she's fucking dead; Why can't it be real? I want to hurt her;; She's just...

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7. My Perceptions

Born liquid, blind to everything before my first breath, Into loving arms until my sleepless rest; Or so I thought, my soul was robbed; Of perception of everything. But each death is a new beginning; ...

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8. The Hanging

A strangers spit scolds my neck, I complacently acknowledge, No time to waste, The show must go on, the show must go on; Their eyes, sharp as knives, Judge me, hate me, kill me, hang me; The hell im g...

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