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1. 1756

A darkened room, eighteen feet square, Intolerable thirst and stench of urine, In the struggle for water and fresh air, many were trampled to death.

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2. A Kandarian Odyssey

Insidious place of archaic evil; Forest of the Elder Gods awakened; The Ancient ones return to this unholy place; In the freezing mist that surrounds the trees; Frost fingers touch our shivering heart...

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3. Burn With The Sun God

Such a force, cannot sleep long, for it will become. subverted rage of nuclear fission, carries the sleeping ghost of wrath. Spawning the sunlit rotting corpse boiling thirst and arid death; It came t...

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4. Carrion Caresses

Sacrificial union of two, broken in ceremonial betrayal; Revenge shall leave you dead inside; Your spirit has now been broken you are now the walking dead; Kepping the Vultures away from you. Caress t...

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5. Centrefold Redemption

Pull out queen, with legs part, dethrone the whore, it’s been too long, Obliteration of this icon, strangled with her bloodied thong. Centrefold redemption; The center page is missing, pinned up with ...

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6. Dead Again

Reborn for the thousandth time, To live and breathe along side slime, Introduce reality, I strive to reach my destiny. ; Dying again, vicious circle spins, Rotating forever and before long I’m dead ag...

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7. Embrace The Vicious

The kiss from the buzzsaw left quite an impression, Upon the face of a former lover a pulped red depression, The madness that formed from his childhood abuse, Hated throughout his life now has its use...

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8. Entrusted With Disgust

False truth hidden behind closed doors; Obvious act of deceit to those you have hurt; Horrid reality, the anger was born; Now stand and make ready, swine you will burn; I warned you not to and you did...

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9. Eternal Solitude Forbidden

Dying wasn’t easy, they still won’t leave me be, Electric currents shake me, but now I’ve broken free, There is no darkened tunnel, it’s nothing like they say, I’ve had enough of living, I’ve finally ...

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10. Global Bastardisation

Cradle newborn bastard in hands that seep in sin, On looking through a crystal screen, The bastardiser grins, Soiling what was once a subtle and pure race, I embed myself within her; And leae without ...

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11. He Sells Agony

Q: Do you not flog slave at the request of their masters? A: Sometimes I do when I am called upon; Q In these cases of flogging, do you inquire into the circumstances? To see what the fault has been o...

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12. Hour Of The Dog

The winter was cold that year, The sound of the wind chilled our bones. (But all will remember that night, That night when the wolf god came to town); The Blood of the lycan infected and Tormented tho...

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13. I Hate

The blackness tearing at my guts; I've tried so hard to master - to tame myself; Untamed being no control or purpose yet; I need a Djinn to guide my rage... ; He comes!!! In my dreams I hear him, a dw...

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14. Meat

Scum who sit high, emanating bullshit; Empty vessels look up waiting to be sated. ; With a callous disregard of human life; It grinds us up like meat. ; Filled to the brim, going of like warheads; Exp...

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15. Nihilist

Shadow culture arise a call to arms; The time of burning has come; Armed with bombs and hatred; A new holocaust of Christians has come; Balors one eye is watching us; Our hearts grow cold to all life;...

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16. Now Below

Don’t try, to cover up, Stepping back, now looks away, Remind, me who you are, Your existence, frail, I’ll mar. ; White eyes, are strained and wide, Look at me, expression changes, Cold sweat, your gu...

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17. Raping Ground

Drag the angels dowm from heaven; Infinite Sodom and firefuck awaits; Tear their wings from angelic flesh; Bitch angels scream for mercy; Tremendous agony in the raping ground; My hommunculus in gnash...

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18. Self Portrait Of Hatred

“Incest makes feel at home”, She knew no difference, The fact that it remained; A “secret” left an imprint, Sobbing as she takes his pain, Heavy breathing, Mental relapse like before, Now she’s bleedi...

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19. Temple Of Rancid Filth

My heart is a black temple; Cold and empty as Satan's abyss; All I am is poisoned flower; Spiteful and hateful; My heart is rotten and sour; Touch it, it beats malignantly; It hates you, I hate you; I...

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20. Terminate By Battery

Embrace the wickedness, seek out my niche, Carried on from decades of confused chaotic bliss; Belittle what you cannot be, I intend to hammer you, Study what’s inside, slenderize its worth; Terminate ...

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21. The Sharing Of Thoughts With The Dead

Starlight filters through the trees; I am rapt in twisted taught; I wander to the ancient tomb amidst the stinking fog; Beneath the moon upon a tomb entranced in a black daze; I seek forbidden truths ...

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22. Trauma Is The Trigger

A step towards tomorrow moving slow from yesterday; Never again the darkness seems to follow; I have no future I just want to die; Heavy guilt mine to keep; Weight of depression cannot rise above; Try...

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23. Vermithrax

I will make you pay the fucking price; For your filthy way of life; There is only one solution; That is MASS EXECUTION; It makes me sick it makes me hate; To watch you prance like sodomitic apes; The ...

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24. Vile Pleasures Of Transfiguration

Mortals die for search of knowledge; Ancient wisdom spell's of changing; Call on astaroth send to us messengers; Minions of unholyness join us with the nothingness; Behold Orgy Of Bestial frenzy; Dest...

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