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1. Harley Davidson

The tour is over and I'm goin' home; Home to my baby, the bike of my own; So good to hear her, so nice and so clean; Hard to believe it, she's just like a dream; We're drivin' out to the countryside; ...

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2. The Rockin' Times

It was in Stockholm town, I was feelin' fine; I had some JD before I left home; Took a cab to the place, I was flyin' in space; I was a king upon my throne; Headin' for The Zoo and we were you-know-wh...

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3. White Moonshine Whiskey Maker

I like my bourbon, buy me a beer; I love a drink like a cow loves a steer; Mix me martinis, gin would be nice; No faggy olives, no fuckin' ice; Drank up my money, pissed out my dough; Can't buy no bot...

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