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1. Closure

It's been sometime; But not long enough; Cause when I saw you there all the scars you left opened up; I guess I been fine; But not fine enough; And I got questions that can't be answered on an empty c...

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2. Falling In Love

I think horoscopes are just a joke; But I still see a bigger plan; I've had visions of us, you know; Some fantasies where I'm your man; Fast forward to right now; With you in your night gown; I need t...

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3. Off My Mind

Well I don't know if you really mean it; Or if you're saying things before you think em through; So I'll go slow until you feel it; ‘Cause I'd rather play it safe then play it fool; Oh, babe; Over and...

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4. Summer In The City

Summer in the city; Walking down the street so slow; Girls are looking pretty; They finally got something to show; Let's hit the bodega; I need to put something in my cup right now; The street is too ...

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5. Venom

Her house is covered in plastic; And I doubt I'll ever be back here; When the lights go out and things are falling down; I hope she'll notice; 'Cuz I won't bend until I break; Just bite my tongue and ...

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