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1. Nothing To Lose

Close my eyes, exhale your voice from my head. Looking for some truth in the lies that i was fed. And your thought for poking im alway's choking, but i can wait my turn. And i built these walls to kee...

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2. Save Us All

I don't need a lot, I'm a simple man, a simple man, and all I am is what you see, and there's no secrets hidden in my walls. All I did was believe, that love can save us all, and some will rise and ot...

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3. So Hard To Leave

So Hard To Leave; Im finding it so hard to leave tonight im already home and i cant tell you goodnight bitter sweet feelings that break me down when you're around (your around); And i brought flowers ...

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4. Until We Meet

I've questioned love; Taken advice; I've let my gaurd down more than twice; I'm running on empty; Come to me; I know your better than what I had dreamed; A girl that I will love; I'm coming to find yo...

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5. What Beautiful Is

And your eyes; You should see the way they glow when you smile; The way your laughter sets the world on fire; I take for granted all the moments that im with you; Im with you; Cuz your beauty takes my...

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