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1. Alive

I get a feelin', it chases every breath I take, yeah; You know it's Your love that's making me smile this way; I have tried and tried to break it down; Always find it simple yet profound; You're the s...

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2. Captured

I have to tell You; I'm captured inside; You shaped my world; Brought me to life; You're my freedom; You gave me my wings; To fly so high; I see heaven; You have opened my eyes; I feel forever; 'Cause...

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3. Famous

You've been knocking like Woody Woodpecker for the longest time; You wouldn't stop 'til I would listen; But through the peep hole I kept my distance; Curiosity finally got the best of me; So I turned ...

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4. God's Here

Say don't you think; We make things too complicated; What, what if, what if all; All we ever needed to know; Is we are not alone; God's here; Watching us all; He's near; Right where we are; So close y...

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5. He Believes In You

God wants nothing more from you right now; Than for you to understand His heart; Calm all the whispers in your head; Just be still; Listen; You will hear; Echoing from deep inside He believes in you; ...

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6. Imagine

There is no blueprint; No map's been found; There is no easy equation; Of how to figure You out; There's so much of You; I still haven't seen; You're more than I imagine; So far beyond my wildest drea...

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7. Let It Out

I know what you're thinking; That sometimes it's so hard to show; Your heart amidst the dark; And say you are a Christian; But if it's real, and it burns within; There's no way to keep it in; So don't...

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8. Love Life

I couldn't dream up; A day any better than yesterday; I wouldn't dream of; Living my life any other way; The love that is holding me; Won't disappear with the setting sun; So when I lay down at night;...

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9. Make Your Mark

I hear Your voice; Crash through the clouds; I have no choice; But to sing out loud; Then Your fire engulfs me; Sends a shock right through me; I need You; I love You Jesus, Lamb of God; Please kiss u...

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10. Renaissance Love

I've done my share of running away; From the things that mattered; And I'm not proud of it; Only struggle I made was reaching for the silver platter; 'Cause I thought I'd love it; But here I am in rea...

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11. Salt

I smile; I cry; I breathe; You are good; You give; I take; Life moves; Ends too soon; There's a never-ending passion running in my veins; And I'm drunk on its conviction; And I savor every taste; I wa...

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