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1. A Slow Parade

Drag your shadow down the street; Is it you I was to meet; With your saints there on a chain; Waiting on another rain; And I'm going down; Where the waves will surround; To the roll and the pound; Of ...

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2. False River

There's a twisting in your senses; There's a river in your blood; And the crows land on the fences; There's a daughter in the flood; Can you see? Do you know? Leavin' with ease on the darkest breeze; ...

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3. For a Kingdom

My love, she waits; Outside the liar's gates; And the dead-eyed boys inside; Hear the dead-eyes girls decide; That there ain't no use in living; When every diamond has been given; Sing a requiem for a...

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4. On The Moon

No one can see the way it will be; Your thread, there on the loom; And an unknown hand; Will pull on the strand; And guide you right on through; And the roses die and bloom; And I'm dreaming in my roo...

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5. Surfer King

Behind the red door, in american skin; There is a murder of roses; In the midnight hiss, come cover me there; For I am electric nothing; Out on the tide, strangers all; Are drowning by; Under eclipse,...

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