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1. Failed Society

Destruction is in the cities; Who they'll choose to blame; Buildings burning down; Still stands the same; You must fight for your right; They will say; It's so hard to survive; Through these things; P...

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2. Far From Here

All the people live; Ordinary lives, they despise each other; For their own survive, to be realize; They count all the crumbs on; And i don't know why; Why i'm putting you, in this situation; If you t...

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3. Further Than Anguish

This is a tale of a brand new life's tomorrow; Don't give it up, it's a long way to go; Don't let him take your soul; If you are able to do; You've got to escape of the moot; The realms of your past a...

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4. Lonely In The Dark

You make me see the signs that i have told; It's just a taste of hapiness, a trip to an end; Escaping with you, a mirror is what i need; In search of something in my mind, a sight to my fear; I won't ...

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5. Looking For Tomorrow

There's a reason to sail through the seas; And this future is my legacy; If the wind blows all over my face; Maybe it leads on my trace; From the abyss we'll never return; In christ's blood then my fa...

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6. Out Of Yor Mind

Did you cry when the story grew older and died ? Many times it was all that i've tried to hide; If i just made you walk on through sorrow and pain; Only time will bring you back to life again; You rem...

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7. Promisses

Come to me again, this way your future is guaranteed; Gonna do the things, you know this is the better way; Got a lot of work to do, and you'll be satisfied; I'm the one to help you be, the one to tre...

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8. Seventh Face

Here i am again, starvin' and freezin'; I got this awfull feeling to be right by your side; And i am alone in this desert place; With these five old friends o'mine, i'm on my way to hell; Just to see ...

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9. Your Hands

To my roots of beginning i've got to come back; Cause that vision of fear i face every day; It's hot blood beating in my head; Wish to hell i was dead; So you took me from there, now it's time to forg...

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