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1. A.W.A.S.

Here we are, here we come. Acoustic war against Satan; Saved by the almighty only one, who gave for you his beloved son. ; One day we all will die, once I will see Zion. Do not trust Satan's lies. I w...

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2. Creed

You slept badly tonight, your dream was full of death. You are afraid to die. You say that after live comes nothing, but you can't believe our own words. You awake in the middle of the night, sweat fl...

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3. Damned To Death

What have I done? Am I schizophren? T; he pieces don't fit! But they are real! Salt- sweet water flow forth out of one well! Worship the lord; and swear at your brother; out of one mouth out of one mo...

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4. Erfolg?

Erfolg? [lyrics: martin, music: martin, a.w.a.s.]; Wie siehst du aus Du kannst es nicht; Was fragst du mich Sollen andere doch helfen; Wer hört schon auf dich; Du bist nichts so soll es bleiben; Lass ...

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5. Finish Him

We are on our journey home; to see God sitting on the white throne. And some day we'll see his face; so we run to that holy place. We love our God Jesus Christ our King. In Heaven we will sing. I hate...

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6. Hope

Every day you live in sin, every day without sense; Satan is your god, but soon he will rot; There is fear in your eyes, if you think of what's after death; Your intense hate, will bring you to hell; ...

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7. Martyrs' Death

Are you ready …; ready to be cast out; ready to be beaten; ready to be in pain; ready to be killed; are you ready to be martyrized; or would you turn - would you mourn? there is one thing you have to ...

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8. Saved

Don't know what I was asking for so long. Don't know were I was running so fast. I heard the answers but I hadn't listen to. Trying to be apart and playing at two sides. ; Hold me up, when all seems t...

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9. Sünderwahn

Machtvoll Prachtvoll; Sehr hoch oben; jedoch nicht abgehoben; Michael - vieler Befehl ist sein Wort; zu jeder stunde - zu jedem Ort; Moses Leichnam er bewacht; nachdem bereits der Böse tracht´; Hass s...

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10. Your Choice

Once there was peace and love all around. There was no evil and everything was fine. Once upon a time, one angel thought in his mind:; I want to be almighty, almighty like God; He was thrown out of he...

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