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1. Forced Entry

I met this slut at this fucking party; She took a trip to the outside with me; She wanted to offer me the invitation; I said to her it not your decision; The bitch left me at the front door; She said,...

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2. Fragmentation

We wait in deadly silence; For the sky to suck your soul up; Because of what you've done; This is the consequence; For you shall feel its fury; Violent and unrelenting; We followed in your name; Too t...

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3. Nuclear Carousel

The truth, Will come out, Fucking hear me, Hear me screaming, We know all the fucking lies that you have force fed to us, Telling us it is safe when the danger, Drifts ever closer! If we knew what was...

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4. Omni Universal Annihilation

We are the inter dimensional, Plague of earth; We hold the only key to humanities, Survival! Noooooooooooooooo; There is no changing paths; Noooooooooooooooo; There is no turning back; This is the cha...

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5. Whore

The urge takes over me again; As I take to the streets too choose you; My specifications are too complex for you to comprehend; I must keep my movements swift; And my conscience clean; I have my order...

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