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1. Altar Of Sangria

Stare at your crucifix; You angel of tomorrow; Your future is your past; A door without a key; Look…Into the night; I see the eyes of my crimson demon; Blood…staining the stones, this is the place the...

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2. Another Lover

I've been waiting here for you all night; Once again no one to talk to alone; All my friends keep asking if I'm alright; 'Cause they know you're never never at home; Baby, baby don't you know how hard...

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3. Cut & Bleed

Fool laughs blood flows from his face; He stares out in the world; No longer in control of his life gone he’s lost the race; Standing all alone he never sees tomorrow’s light; Blood tracks in the snow...

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4. Kiss Of The Thorn

Four thousand years, the seed of doom; Has waited in the shadows; The suffocation of my embryonic tomb; Out of the bliss that forms the unity of destruction; Cathedral spires, crosses, glisten in the ...

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5. Little Girl

Dark form crawling in my room; A little girl is there; Shaking, starving all alone; Her eyes tell me she’s scared; Conversations with the dead; My soul lives on forgotten; See the girl, she’s staring ...

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6. Nocturne

When you live in darkness; You pray to the angel of light; And out of darkness; The silver is shining ever bright; So sing the song of a black time; Of sacrifice, ready to begin; Sing the song, so man...

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7. Reign

Angry skies the devil cries, And soon the sign of rain; Thunder cracks the lightning that echoes in my brain; And still the fire burns upon your twisted cross; Awaiting dark forever to alter all of ti...

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8. Winterkill

Dark winter evening the glimmer of snow; A winter demon calling out fo my soul; Paint with insanity canvas all ways bare; Songs of the wolf carry on the winter air; Cold winter wind why do you trick m...

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