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1. A Desire Name Despair

Kiss this goodbye. And forgive me for starring but this barrel looks so comforting. Your feelings change with every passing breath. And for your sake I hope that somebody finds beauty in your sickness...

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2. Almost Heaven (intro)

I packed my bags and caught the next train to this mountain side; Where i could watch the sun set with tears in my eyes; I can sit here for days letting the cancer fill my lungs; Letting the tears was...

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3. And Still I Try

Nothing more then a cowards lie; Face first denying the truth; Let it be know that i [x2]; Fall face first into your heart; Tears that i have shed; Every breath taken away; Every breath stolen; Nothin...

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4. Carbon

Seems as the world has swallowed us whole. No such thing as being young at heart. There's no heart left here anyways. Nothing to sooth the pain of everyday. Of everyday. This is what it's come to. A b...

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5. Casting Shadows

For every ounce of blood I shed; I poured my heart out; On Paper Stenciled Lies [x2]; Shower me with blankets of love; And turn your face and walk away; Leave me with shadows off in the distence [x2];...

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6. Curse The Sun

Her setting sun will never rise. Watch as the flames consume. She's drowning under her burning halos. Never to breathe again. This is where the lonely go to rest their heads. On the cold gates of hell...

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7. Embracing Emptiness

And her eye's caught the tears; of a 1000 memories; And each one fell in silence; Slowly tearing each fiber; As her heart bleeds; Her knees grew calloused; And she passes each day with a smile [x2]; A...

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8. Giving In

I've got a shovel with your name on it. And a burial plot to bury my thoughts. Each day the days get so much bitter. This is no place for the weak hearted. Drown your sorrows somewhere else. Cause you...

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9. Her Divine Tragedy

What a beautiful blood soaked canvas. You've meticulously created. Full of your chaos and devastation. Lets start the fires that will burn us all. I hope your tears flow like oceans. I hope the sun sc...

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10. Neverender

With empty hearts we dance tonight. So the fires won't die. But we'll tip toe on broken glass. To see if we still bleed because bleeding would mean we're still alive. How can you say. These words mean...

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11. Paint Me a Pretty Picture

I wish these times would never end; today so many hearts will be broken; when happiness and sadness pull at every heart string; pull at every heart string; no one knows where there going; and what tom...

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12. Smiles Like Razorblades

Kiss the stars. Cause this will be the last time. I ever open myself to anyone. I ever open myself to anyone. Who ever know that love could taste like razorblades. Who ever knew that love could taste ...

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13. The Wilting

Well now the skies have turned auburn. But somehow your perfume still lingers. Somehow certain words should have been said. To keep these fires burning bright. Burn these bridges. Cause our times runn...

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14. Transparent Heart Syndrome

I can't open my mouth to say the words. I want to say to you. Instead I'll just close my eyes. And wish you well on your way. Out of my arms. Out of my arms. Today we part our hearts. And say goodbye ...

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15. When Tomorrow Seems Forever

Today my life; Fell into pieces; Everything i wanted was washed away; I looked today in the eyes; And fell to my knees [x2]; Grey skies above; Each drop drowned my pain; And i cried out to you [x2]; B...

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16. With Regards

Lets end the tending to every wound. The sinking ways of hope. So we can find a way out. The sinking ways of truth. I'm done seeking for love. I haven't felt anything in so long. I'm taking every one ...

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