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1. Ave Maria

Ave Maria! Maiden mild! Oh, listen to a maiden's prayer; For thou canst hear amid the wild; 'Tis thou, 'tis thou canst save amid despair; We slumber safely till the morrow; Though we've by man outcast...

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2. Boogie Oogie Oogie

If you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie; Boy oh boy have I got news for you; Everybody here tonight was boogin'; Let me tell you; You are no exception to the rule; Git on up on the floor; Cuz we'...

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3. Disco Dancin'

What are we gonna do tonight? We should go to a funktion; You know I love it; Come on and let me get through; I need to put in on you; You got me hooked up, baby; You know it's breakin' my mind; I wan...

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4. Distant

Sitting around thinking about you; Trying to convince myself; that you're thinking about me too; But I know better and it's the truth that I feel; 'Cause if you really love me, honey; I know that you'...

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5. Do It Good

Come on and get down while you can; Close your eyes and feel the vibe of the music; Don't hold back, let it go; Don't be afraid 'cause it's okay to let it flow; Hey, do it; Do it, do it good; Get up a...

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6. I Love You

Ooh ooh, honey, got me hooked on you; I like that, come on, M. C. , come on, M. C; I like that, let's go; Honey, you can have me when you want me; If you just simply ask me to be there; And you're the...

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7. I'll Try Something New

I will build you a castle with a tower so high; Till it reaches the moon; I'll gather melodies from birdies that fly; And compose you a tune; Give you lovin' as warm as mama's oven; And if that don't ...

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8. Rescue Me

heard that you've been looking for someone; Someone to take you by the hand; I want you to know that I've got plenty of honey; What I'm saying is baby here I am; Rescue me; I need your loving; Rescue ...

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9. Sayonara

When we met I was a lady in distress; I needed someone to hold on to; For a while, infatuated by a smile; Finally showed both ways was mistaken for love; I always found a bit of security in someone el...

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10. Secret Lovers

I hate to think about us all meeting up together, as soon as I looked at you it would show on my face. Then they'll know that we've been loving each other. They can never no, oh no, we can't leave a t...

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11. Sukiyaki

It’s all because of you; I’m feeling sad and blue; You went away now my life is just a rainy day; I love you so; How much you’ll never know; You’ve gone away and left me lonely; Untouchable memories s...

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12. Your Love

For your love I would give you my world; For your love I'd be your little baby girl; Your love thrills me through and through; You're just too good to be true; And for your love fills my day with pure...

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