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1. Dark Heir

Just breathe and I want you to know; With your arms around me I can't start to show; With you everlasting, ; Grant me this now, I can't see as I fall down; Be knowns to me. ; As I said you did not exi...

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2. Don't Rob Me Of This Hate

Everytime you lay your eyes on me; I might ask you to whisper softly what you meant when you said; I'm not right and love is dead; November rains more than this month; Lasting through much longer than...

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3. Guy In The Picture

when we began; decemeber was something to hold onto; a clear black curtain sky; lined with sequent stars; where we dreamed things seamed so simple; in the meantime, today is now useless; when you alre...

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4. High Tide

As you were, as you were, you won't let last night go, Can I change, can I change, actions through ambition, So I'll go, so I'll go, calling from the phone across from you, You won't see, you won't se...

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5. Hold Me Now

let us walk no where just see our facial expressions; look at mine can't you see that i'm bleeding; 6 months waiting, 6 months praying; i bit my lips around my teeth guard, retreating; retreating; i'm...

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6. Hopeless Nights

So go today, I will not see you next week, with you there and with me in between, And then you won't be obligated to talk to those who've left you behind. ; I can't tell, if you're even real or are yo...

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7. Refer Me To Someone

Refer me please, to someone; Can you try to point me the right way; As I see you can't tell if I find; Can you find someone to help me; I'm waiting, you're losing me to other major finds; Can you help...

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8. Shades Of Blue

You see me tonight, arms left out to hold you so tight, You see me here, eyes are leading hearts without fear, And then I know, you are here. ; Feelings come out, your voice shuns all of the doubt, Yo...

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9. Solo

Come out tonight, let's play this song, read me my rights, so I can feel this, Grant me one last wish, as I take you there and back again, in fact once more so, Treat me like you treat your others, ; ...

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10. The Chill Of Summer

What should i write about, my life is not so bare; I have let it out this feeling’s not fair; Just let this be and feel your worst; Complacency has taken a turn; The chill of summer starts to burn as ...

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