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1. Black Wolves

Dark sky horizon; Fragile eyes hide; A soulless babylon preaches; And our guns weep; Soulless killers; Prey on your wild eyes; Fearful cowards; Pray to stark and empty skies; Dawn burns through the tr...

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2. Collapse

Night reaches through the years; And all hope is gone; Those silent hills; They hide the dawn; And bury all you’d built; Give up those dreams of fire; The end aligns; Give up those tragic desires; Ete...

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3. Death's Head

We watched as the flames; Consumed forests and deserts; Destruction of the age; With thunder the light burst; The sky ablaze; Shadows of those blackbirds; Brought that cold black haze; Dark cloud gath...

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4. Destroyer

We were so afraid; There was no trust; All the televised rage; Filled our minds with rust; And we killed the man; With a different god; And we killed the wolf; Just for his blood; I remember now my se...

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5. Leave no Wounds

This history of lies; Cannot be true; Tried to live a good life; To never leave no wounds; Never harmed nor killed a man; Never poisoned the precious land; And I have seen the greed and filth; Crushin...

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6. Missing

Dead stars, new moon; There’s no way home; The gloom here she has swallowed; All memories of the sun; Pale visions corrode and hollow; Searching for the missing ones; Cruel dreams circle and divide; M...

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7. Silver

Silver memories; Of brilliant lies; Revive, capture; Distant lives; Sorrow had swept; O’er the land; Murdered by the sons; The innocents; Rivers run in blood; Lucent; Vale abandoned; Avarice; Clenched...

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8. Wasteland

All those days we prayed to those hollow skies; Searching for and following those brilliant lies; Our warm hands clenched onto the weapons; As senseless avarice swallowed our sun; Take me home; Take e...

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9. Wretched Valley

Violent visions sear; Veins into the sky; Amnesia swarms this barren night; That lonesome valley; A welcome home; The darkness swoons; Never left here alone; Flames swarm as the stars descend; Falling...

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