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1. Arsenic On The Rocks

Supper time is over for the cannibal tribes; Slice me now; Plastic faces in a meltdown room; Chatter chatter; The glowing of the faces in the acid light; Slice me now; Bend my body, stretch my mind; T...

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2. Ballistic Statues

"The president speaks from the oval office"; "Good evening. This is the 37th time I've spoken to you from this office where so many decisions have been made that shaped the history of this nation. Eac...

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3. Bend My Body Armour

Ripping skin and crushing bones; Head-on collision of shallow cheek bones; Feel the beat creep into your bones; The putrefecation of another night; Alone; Muscles contracted in atrocity posture; Break...

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4. Burn Out

See her walking gently down the street; Watch her slipping swiftly; She knows the whole damn world is watching her; She couldn't give a hoot in hell; She'll never make the frontpage headlines; She kno...

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5. Check It Out

Old and sage; The mafu cage; The reason to target; But you know you're not alone; You dare not go to bed; There's always someone sneaking up; Watching your every move; The more you look, the more he m...

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6. Choke

Break down, turn it around; Hear the sound of laceration; The suffocating devastating roaring of crowds; Dealing with the same vile people, same old bores; Get your head caught in revolving doors; Per...

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7. Colonial Discharge

Under the incinerating sun, The sweat of toiling bodies; On the pyramid building site... The Smell of Buddha, Shiva, Osiris; An intoxicating gas... ; Diving in sand; Moving land; Buddha's not drinking...

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8. Drinking Sand

The shadow of an inclination; Burning down the walls; Industrial voodoo; Shortly before the fall; Like fish back into the sea; An ancient, mechanical creed; A voracious kind of sophisticated greed; An...

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9. Flesh

This is when your flesh; Crimson and pale; Withers behind the blackened veil; The vacant flesh; A petrifying look, the choice is easy; The outcome always the same; The shortest way to cardiac arrest; ...

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10. From The Inside

Against the crushing faith of boredom; Your feelings of indifference unite; The classic hero of your dreams; A lillywash effigy; China white, China blue, time is closing in on you; Blue eyed frenzy wi...

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11. Mambo Witch

A startling sense of dislocation; Pushed away by voodoo crap; Spill your poison somewhere else; Can't shake the needles from your back; Guns and Chains, emotional drains; Cutting it down to size; Capt...

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12. Neurobeat

Candid impression; Obscenties obscured; Apologetically turning away; The awakand stream of thoughts; Hallucination sedatives, The burden of reset; Supermarket sentiments; I never tried to wipe away th...

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13. On Command

Breath control; Sweat control; On command, catch and dive; Jump and dive,suck and blow; Shove and tow, kick and on command

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14. Rigor Mortis

Cold and alone in the vinyard he lies; Stained and all broken the nightingale dies; Looking from your window; I can see the snow; Freezing cold; Grinding to a halt; On stonecold gravel; Freeze alone; ...

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15. Scandinavian Bellydance

Scandinavian; Scandinavian; Scandinavian; Scandinavian; Scandinavian; The minute I?m coming, I?m up and about; I wanna tear your rhythm down; Your feet keep moving to the beat of the crowd; And I?d lo...

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16. The Colluseum Crash

"No more human sacrifice" she said; I?ll just have a dry martini; Just let me put my underwear in your computer; And we?ll have lots of software babies; Two minutes before she stopped her train of tho...

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17. The Heat (legs Akimbo!)

Waking up, going to pieces; Tearing plaster off the walls; Flames licking at the edge of your feat; Grinding nails and flashing teeth; Over the edge again; Legs akimbo; Just watch me, touch me; Stroki...

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18. The Last Wave

Two statues in the dark; Frozen in time; Waiting for the list to blow; Waiting for the hate to show; Cutting of the claw that tears your velvet skin; Skin the feet that trod the petals of the flower i...

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