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1. Black Secrets

Silence broken by the whispers; Of the voices in my head; As they guide me past the light; And I crave to be misled; Did you break the sacred seal; Or was it all a dream; Can I deny the blissful madne...

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2. Elijah

Is someone there? Can you hear me? It's always been so silent; I'm all alone at night; Standing by my window; As the hours pass me by; Sometimes I think someone's here; I see him in the glass; And if ...

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3. Fortune Teller

Step up to the window; Lonely travelling man; I can see your future; Glimpse the master plan; Maybe rags to riches; Walking tall or sinking; But you'll have to pay me; The devil cards are speaking; Su...

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4. House Of Bones

Speak to me father from beyond the grave; Come to me mother I have found the way; Here in the darkness where they cannot see; Call on the saints to set the spirits free; Bone, blood, and ash offered t...

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5. Master Of Pain

The power is your passion; Control is in your hands; To make one bend the knee; And submit to your command; Sweat and tears and leather; The smell of human dread; Dripping from the skin; As your appet...

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6. Nexus Of Realities


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7. One Empty Grave

Lonely soldier marches on; Cries of battle pierce the air; Feel the heat from the burning sun; All we have is hope and a prayer; Trapped inside the devil's den; Backs against the gray stone wall; Cros...

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8. The Boy Who Could Fly

Each cold and lonely morning; When the sunlight hits the wall; I wake to find that nothing; Has changed for me at all; I know there was a better time; In a better place; But just like a fading dream; ...

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9. Udoroth

Once minuscule; Clawed from the ranks of slime; Condemned to pay for every mortal crime; A soul so loathsome, even demons tremble; His name is misery, depraved, divine; The lust for agony that long la...

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