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1. Chasing Shadows

Lord, Lord, I can't make this fig tree wither; I can't make these mountain be thrown into the sea; I can't do this on my own; My flesh is weak; I will devour everything; The trend is nothing new to me...

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2. May The People Rise

It's your pity that hangs by a thread; I can see right through you; Go ahead and blame this mess on me; We are terrified; We aren't healthy of mind; This sequence of events leads me to believe; That y...

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3. Reach The Shore

Surrendering my heart; I'm surrendering my heart; One step at a time; Help me be the desperate; Help me be the loving; Destroy this feeling of being alone; Of being alone; My flesh is weak and my spir...

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4. The Bee & Its Swarm

Our minds grow high with thoughts; That are branches over everyone; We have to make alters, we have to make alters; This city of sin has me convinced; I'm jaded to this; I have to make an alter, I hav...

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5. The Distance Between

The default is taking over; My eyes are blind to what's happening; But I can feel the pain in all of it; This can't be how it was supposed to be; I put my trust in idle hands, in such short satisfacti...

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6. The Enabler

Feel your own heart beat; I don't want to cover your casket; With all my questions; Feel your own heart beat; Don't let this end in unjust tragedy; What if this ends before it begins; Will our apathy ...

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7. The Politician

Don't look now the stage is set; The crowds have gathered; These people want filled up; Their hearts are for ransom; Being told that they are worth nothing; The truth still stands; Your worth isn't fr...

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