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1. Abstract Architectures

Break the Walls in your head; And find out whats your problem; With the storm in my lungs; The strom in my head breaks down; The walls in my head; The problems I had a cleared; So lets begin with insp...

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2. Avalanches Of Mascara

Taste your skin, it’s wasted like your dreams.... Taste your breath it’s fresh and attractive.... Distractive distractive destractive it makes blind.... Your cold your lovesome, I feel so damn betraye...

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3. Fear My New Asics

So get in the fallout shelter; You are not safe; We’re runnin a race against you; And you will loose; We are the special olympics; Just without rules; We are tasty like chicken you can’t deny; It’s tr...

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4. Nurse You Are The Accident

Now it is to late; First aid failed; I don't bother about your fate; You're a sinking ship; And I woun't go down with you; Woun't go down with you; My Head on your chest; Your arms around me; The knif...

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5. This Broken Sky

Stop this mess don?t you see.... It?s killing you every night.... Wake up wake up.... Your skin has nothing to do with art.... It?s just the evidence that you need help.... ; I will help you enlight y...

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