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1. After The Storm

AFTER THE STORM; ; I can still hear them; Crying for mercy; Screaming in anger; I can still see the face in the darkness; Mirror their pain; It was not their fault; But they suffer anyway; ; Life’s ch...

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2. Blood On The Ocean

BLOOD ON THE OCEAN; ; Blood on the ocean; There’s a scar upon the world; And the population is falling; To the point of no return; What will I tell my children; What will I tell my God; ; What happene...

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3. Down The Wire

DOWN THE WIRE; ; Hearts on fire ‘cause down the wire; Comes a voice from my past; My eyes ablaze, ; I have no escape; It’s a need I’ve got to ask; ; Believe right from the start; Hold on to what you’v...

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4. Fallen Heroes

FALLEN HEROES; ; Heart of a lion fight to the end; Run like the wind; Champions of champions, ; Best in the land, you always win; ; Don’t fade away, don’t fade away; Run with your dream right to the e...

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5. Kid Gone Astray

KID GONE ASTRAY; ; He waits every evening; Outside schoolyard gates; Dealing death whoever wants to pay; Hide your tears; Act much older than your years; Can’t you see it’s building up this way? Just ...

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6. Misunderstood

MISUNTERSTOOD; ; In his mind, ; He’s been to hell and back again; Left a trail of broken dreams; The smile you wear; Just hides your fear; On the edge of the night; You can’t tell; What’s wrong from r...

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7. Silver And Gold

SILVER AND GOLD; ; Darkness descending; Night coming down in the city; She walks the streets in search of fortune; Down in a doorway, ; A man with no hope or pride; He can’t go on, he can’t survive; O...

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8. The Lion

THE LION; ; Late at night, rain falling down; Sets my mind wandering; Took a drive on a highway; I saw you standing in the rain; Destiny was calling me; I would never be the same; ; You said, ; You sa...

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9. Wishing Your Life Away

WISHING YOUR LIFE AWAY; ; Locked up, banged up, ; Can’t think for yourself; Twenty-four hours in a ten foot cell; Rights of a prisoner, ; Needs of a dog; Stare at a ceiling, ; Make your peace with God...

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10. You Could Be A King

YOU COULD BE A KING; ; Memories in my mind, ; Of another time; Now I feel it’s right to share; The rebel in my soul is yours to tame; Life is not a cross we bear; Take a look around; ; Time flows like...

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