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1. Last Night

I have yet to understand; The thoughts that rest inside your head; Ive missed this feeling; So long has it been vacant from me; A sense of urgency swells up; And makes my whole body sore; I want to be...

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2. Paper Town

Maybe these days could mean so much more; With eyes wide open and feet on the floor; This room would not seem so blue; Painted with blank stares at pictures that have lost their cause; And the blinds ...

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3. The Apparition

You appear to me an apparition; That I long to hold; When you have me hanging; On every word; And mine holding to the tip of my tongue; So Ill marvel at the space that you create; And trace the lines ...

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4. The Fall

Youve got your hands around my throat; Afraid of the words that I might say; And with my one last dying breath; I will pull you down with me; To the bottom; (We will fall); We will fall violently asle...

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5. When All Else Fails

Tonight we play to the sound of passing cars; And this moment is ours; Under the stars and dreaming again; The sky is crying tonight; Washing away all of the pain that spring brings; And coloring the ...

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