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1. Cardiac Thanatosis

Love has always bade me come into her drowning pool, But to be fair I have always been her willing ghoul. After the last time I had to be preemptive, I had to be aggressive and decisive. I'm taking so...

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2. Necromance

So it's late and there you are at the end of the room, Next to a photograph of you before; Prozac pillows smothered you in their dark spring bloom—; a downy sleep apnea for a waiting tomb. ; Take off ...

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3. No Exit

I swear I was in a café when I died;; It's the only explanation that I can abide. 'Cause here you come with a look full of longing, Sitting down across from me with a chai latte. And suddenly, I'm tan...

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4. Papillon

Standing in that café, Not knowing what to say. Everyone was watching; But didn't see. Every butterfly was watching; But didn't see. "I wasn't sure; whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly...

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5. The Reformation

Trawling the past for answers to the questions of darker days. And there's a thirst for more than the pale truth betrays... ...For old clichés; ...For conclusions delayed... ; The more you "know" your...

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6. The Wicked One

I remember the night they came to bring me the bad news—; Dire tidings from the monkeybats. And I couldn't believe what they said, I wouldn't believe she was gone, Taken out by some country bumpkin BR...

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7. This Winter

Tomorrow's new dawn breaks the silver frost, But today's gray canvas makes me feel lost. It smells like falling stars every time she comes near;; They crash in my eyes and burn up my tears. A colorles...

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