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1. A Predators Portrait

A lesson in democracy, I will never never be, A servant of a moral standard, a rebel soul; for the free, I scream and I burn, I deny what I've learned, Can't fight what's inside, on; this blasphemous ...

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2. Bastard Chain

Searching for power, who is to blame? You weak little bastard - bound to symbols of pain, Hiding in shadows, a pungent smell, You haven't decided your own fate cause your story of; life is too bitter ...

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3. Final Fatal Force

Forevermore, fucked, strapped to the floor, Headlong while i'm pissing on your floor, Nameless, clueless a brick in the game, Soon to be removed from the face of the earth, Is; this a human feast? I w...

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4. Grand Failure Anthem

Look at the pale face in the sky, It seems so ravaged inside the sense of rage is burning; my eyes, burning in my eyes, burning to deny, I'm a part of a fallen machine, Which; reflects my life of mise...

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5. Like The Average Stalker

I think you just forgot to tell me why, Why i was fading out again, Why my mask of; sanity was slipping off again, my friend Beware of hatred when your time stands still; Chorus; Like the average stal...

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6. Needlefeast

Well, It's one for the money, two for the show, it makes no difference where I go, push; injectors in my skin, to make my mission being, Needles to fly, needlefeast, Needles to die, Needlefeast, Gotta...

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7. Neurotica Rampage

Neurotica you player and daughter of mine, Don't you think i know what's all behind I suck; on your evil punches that my grants soul tumble and roll, You give me strength to break my; chains, Demonic ...

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8. Shadowchild

I lick the surface of a freedom ride, Under a hammering light.. I scream! Let's roll the dice of the future, burning in my hand, I've built destruction upon the; velvet skies, Maybe I'm strong, Maybe ...

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9. Structure Divine

Cause I can't find pleasure anywhere, this life is strangling me, If I would turn myself; inside out would I find peace of mind, Would i find a peace of mind? And when the silence; remains, And all th...

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10. The Analyst

Straight forward on the path of life, Who makes you choose that way, Is it a crime to give; it all up, To leave it all behind, Oh, this is all so crystal clear, Going on in shallow blindness, To watch...

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