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1. A Taste Of Honesty

I close my eyes, I'm waiting just to dream, a small escape from this harsh reality, I'm waiting for a taste of honesty, cause when it's real, that's all i'll ever need; I fall to my knees, is it you o...

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2. In The End

I'm sorry, you deserve more, So as you walk out that door, Please know that I will change, Living without you won't be the same, So don't leave me; Baby, give me one more chance, I wanna feel your lov...

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3. Like Always

No matter what you say, you'll never change, no matter what you do, you stay the same; you break me down like always, no matter what I gave you never feel, no matter what you say it seems unreal, i'm ...

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4. My Mother Said

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that I hope and I pray that this is not the end, ; my mother said; let her go, if it's meant to be, she'll come back eventually, so I let her go, but what th...

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5. Save Tonight

I hope the love you gave me; Is not from the drugs you're taking; And I hope this goodbye was for real; And not from the numbness that you feel; Been here before and after; Been too long since he's he...

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6. Sos

I lost it all; but somehow you came to find, where have you been, without me all this time, you contradict all that i did believe, now that you're here, please take me and let's leave; I send out sign...

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7. The Night

I close my eyes, but all I see; is everything wrong in front of me, the lights fade black, the curtains close, we can't go back, cause the truth I know, so watch me as I leave; The night your heart wa...

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8. The Thought Of You

I'll be here with you forever; When times get hard; We'll be together; But they don't know us; They say I'm crazy; But I don't hear the word they're saying; Just a thought of you gets me through the d...

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