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1. And Still She Sleeps

All I wanted was this day relived, for its led me astray; And im so tired of roaming around; in this dream as that fire burns away; And still she is sleeping; she's holding this dream in her arms; and...

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2. Carpenter

Clap hands for stained ideas, There’s many a carpenter turning wheels, Turning the wheels. But will they carve out anything real? Will I carve out a stained idea? Oh look at the crowd, they’re slumber...

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3. Costa Del Sol

Please direct your eyes; To the trembling skies; To the trembling skies; And catch every glimpse in all your; Words and all your conjured chords; As sure as bitter hands resign; The past will be seen ...

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4. Don't Think Of Collapse

Embark with plight destination. With true words that honour the piece, and plan out your rests and peaks. To start, blank page annoyance. Depart of the obvious clues. The mindset has misconstrued conf...

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5. Ethic Of The Pioneer

Here the call, look out on the road beyond, Through glass and blood that runs along the rusted can that’s home. Ploughing through the cities dust and stench that’s new; Local traffic stalled a while, ...

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6. Horse To Stable

The coastline was on our minds, Rock meeting water, sand represent time. I saw a man by the ocean, He was weathered like a fire burned through him, Old hunger there. ; Past all the grasses and into da...

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7. No Stations

Bearing down a train you're a wreck; You have nothing yet; You're mobile, just draggin' a bit; On past the trees, the arks, and the freeze; There's no stations left but you know that; Book ends poured...

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8. Prisoners Of Circumstance

And so it was planned that morning. An armed attack, units forging. "Cannons, fire at will and halt escape. We'll help them if we can, prisoners of circumstance."; A few arrived - weak, torn, tongue t...

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9. Rememberance Day

Find a place in line, we’re marching straight into the fire; With our free will manifesto on our sleeves. Would you turn a blind eye to the freedom that surrounds us…; Could you radiate the love that ...

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10. Skeleton Keys

Here we stand outside glory’s gates again. Rusted shut for centuries on end. ; And they’re trying to sell us the keys, (to every door); But we’d rather prove our worth. (and just keep chipping away); ...

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11. Subjects & Matter

I want to know who's in charge of this show? whos plans are these? Truth be told, they make me feel right at home. ; On our way out, we're on our way out. We're walking in circles. We have no compass....

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12. The Canadian Shield

Don’t focus on the static distraction, Or how it pulls you into its arms. Just give me some kind of reaction, Before it freezes both our hearts. We’re standing behind the Canadian shield, Basking in t...

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13. The Millions Too Many

These few weeks of rowing around these lakes; Have moved faster than the breaks in between the smoke and the recoil routines; But the harvest is on the minds of; Lone farmers and the millions too many...

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14. The Shepherd & The Chauffeur

You've been talkin' in tongues for years now haven't ya. Encoding the view into your body of work. The story goes - that somewhere across the prairie spine you severed all ties to the crime, and drove...

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15. This Open Heart

The poems strewn; Across the floor; They’re out of tune; With every chord; And one reads ‘lay down; Inside this open heart’; And where’s this heart of which it speaks? It must be soaring skies reveale...

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16. Victory Parade

Turn on the pillars of light, And film some lovers embracing. Raise a flag to the sky, To show the world that it’s sacred. ; But hold off on the victory parade, Reverse engineer the entire thing. As i...

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17. Winterize

Winterize; It's not impossible to see; the infinite silhouette that tore; right through him. The ghosts in every town, they just don't see, the silver lining found in that; corporate cloud. ; Pockets ...

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