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1. Cave In

Condescend every lesson learned; Over again; I imagine that; You are with me; Replay the last scene; Over and over again; I try to make things right; But it's not reality; I'm still waiting (still wai...

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2. Let Go

No use sayin'; What I don't wanna say; No use sayin' at all; There's no use fakin'; The way we used to be; There's no use fakin' at all; And if I let go; Will you let go with me; Cause I can't keep ho...

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3. Nme

If I could say one word; Then you would see; Scream one word; And you will be; Crying out for help; But only on the inside; If I could take your hand; And point it to; Open your eyes when I'm pointing...

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4. Rise

I can't stand your face up in mine, Always wanting to know things I do; It's funny how things change; I redefine how much faith I have in you; You won't get the best of me; You won't take the best of ...

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5. Saddest Song

With these words; On a blade; 'cause my heart is bleeding; It's not enough, not enough for you; I'll sing these word in your ear; 'cause my heart is screaming; It's loud enough, loud enough for you; T...

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6. True Faith

I feel so extraordinary; Something's got a hold on me; I get this feeling I'm in motion; A sudden sense of liberty; I don't care 'cause I'm not there; And I don't care if I'm here tomorrow; Again and ...

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